Mission 5000 is an outreach program that came from the verse Matthew 14:13-21 that through the willingness of a young boy to share His blessing has led to feed 5000 people. This program encourages our youth to share their blessing through a feeding program for the less fortunate kids in the Philippines, and through this they become instruments of Christ’s love and mercy. Our goal is to feed 5000 kids in a year through the generous contributions of our youth, whether giving their own money or giving up their time soliciting from other people to buy food, which is brought out to the slum areas of the city to be given out to starving street kids and at the same time sharing God’s promise of hope.








DZMM Teleradyo Airs Mission Feeding 5000


The vision of Bro. Erin Rodriguez Flores, grandson of Sis. Techie Rodriguez, Elder & Founder of The Lord’s Flock, was for the youths to go on a mission of feeding 5000. This was deeply inspired by the lad in the Gospel of Luke who gave his own bread which the Lord used to feed 5000.  As a result, the various ministries of the Lord’s Flock Pastoral, Fields, and Sheepfold, New Generation, and Good Samaritan ministries excitedly gathered on April 1, 2017 to distribute Jollibee Hamburgers and C2 drinks/sodas and Red Ribbon Ensaymada.


Thirty  six  (36) Pastoral members  fed street children in Malabon, Caloocan, Baesa, Balintawak, Rizal Ave., Edsa, Balintawak, Del Monte, and  Frisco; twenty one (21)  Fields  members distributed lunch packs to   street kids in Manila and Pasay; thirty five (35)  Sheepfold participants  provided  food packs  to  street children in Aurora, Araneta, Quezon Ave., Timog, East Ave., Munoz, Del Monte, Mindanao Ave.;  and twenty five (25) New Generation members  fed street children in Quezon Ave., Timog, Scout Tobias, Scout Chuatoco, Roces Ave.  Moreover, Good Samaritan Ministry who accompanied these members were also present in the food distribution.


While they went to their designated areas, they saw reality at its worst – homeless children were scattered on the   streets on and under bridges and highways amidst a variety of underprivileged neighborhood.  What was striking was a make shift home from an old tricycle below a highway  on Aurora Blvd, Quezon City  which housed   4 young famished kids clad in worn out shirts. These children were so happy when they received their share of food.  The smiles on their faces made that day.


Another memorable scenario was a little girl sitting in an old cart with a dusty pile of ripped clothes. She was quietly watching her parents scavenge for anything that could be useful for them. Some Lord’s flock members approached and gave her the food bag which she hugged like a toy teddy bear.  In return, her parents repeatedly articulated words of gratitude.


Let us be reminded what Jesus exhorted in John 15:12, “Love each other as I have loved you.” Thus, extending  a helping hand to those in need is one way of sharing God’s love.  Indeed, Mission 5000 made the Lord’s Flock members realize that a small act of love can make someone more than happy, enough to hold onto hope. The 50 pesos members’ donation per child went a long way as one thousand two hundred sixty one (1,261) food packs were handed out. And that the Lord’s Flock, as a community of Christians, should always see everyone as what God does, and this is done with unconditional love.


Lastly, this missionary project was aired over DZMM teleradyo on April 2, 2017 {Sunday) at 8:30 am.