Spirit Empowerment Seminar

April 27, 2019

Spirit Empowerment Seminar          


The April 27 to 28, 2019 Spiritual Empowerment Seminar (SES) of The Lord’s Flock Catholic (TLF) Charismatic Community held at the Sanctuary was attended by individuals invited by members, guests during the MVMNT Dance Concert and Lenten Recollection.


One couple came from as far as Natividad, Nueva Ecija, who has been attending a meeting tent created by its builder Sis. Estrella Villar. There were also some guests, who after viewing the promotional video shared in Facebook attended the SES to earnestly seek the answer to their question on Hope. That is, if there is still hope in their heavy-laden life.


What is more inspiring to see in the spiritual event were couples who brought along their children, even their toddlers and a month old baby. Obviously, they have no one to take care of their children at home so they came with them to be able to respond to the invitation of their relatives, friends and even godparents.  Only for them to realize in that event that the invitation is from the One who loves them relentlessly, none other than Jesus Christ.


Testimonies after Baptism in the Spirit were so heartwarming. The sharers experienced tears of joy as they testified on the Holy Spirit’s blessings of forgiveness, peace and serenity. Some had a vision of light and others the face of our Savior.


The two-day Holy Spirit-inspired SES enlightened the participants as they listened to the talk and teachings of TLF Elder-Founder and Vision Holder, Sis. Techie Rodriguez, about God’s infinite love for mankind and that only obedience to His Word is what God the Father expects from us in return.


A brief view of Maturing in the Spirit Seminar and Equipping the Saints were shown before the SES ended, with an invitation and prayer for the participants that as they were born again in the Spirit and felt in their hearts the desire to follow Jesus, the said programs will help them to walk in their journey with the knowledge and understanding that they were not alone for the Lord is with them from beginning to end.




By: Sis. Maridol A. Laudencia

Scribes Ministry



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