December 08, 2019

 MVMNT Dance Concert in Bulacan


Last December 8, 2019, the high school students of Colegio de Sta. Monica de Angat celebrated the closing of the Year of the Youth through the MVMNT Dance Concert.


Mr. Ronald Christian Pallorina experienced a very powerful work of the Holy Spirit during the Singles and Youth Faith on Fire Conference: A Name Like No Other in July 2019 and he wanted the students to have a glimpse of it.


MVMNT is not an ordinary dance concert. It is a tool for evangelization. It tells about the story of God’s love from creation until salvation; the work of sin and how it separated us from God; and, the constant work of God to win us back. The highlight of MVMNT is the life-changing stories of Sis. Judith Almendrala and her son, Bro. Emmanuel Almendrala, who both discovered their gift of dancing at a young age but was later on blinded by fame and money. They later on found their way back to God through the Lord’s Flock Catholic Charismatic Community. The community became their family where their faith grew and where they are now serving God through dance.


Kisshie Milan, 15, MVMNT dancer, shared that she received lots of social media messages from the students affirming her God-given talent. She said that the students were inspired to serve God. The songs sang during the Praise & Worship touched and moved them most especially the worship song, “Set a fire”.  It was a confirmation that the youth today want and need God.


Bea Bravo, 29, also a MVMNT dancer put emphasis on dance as an evangelization tool. She said, “In order to evangelize effectively, missionaries need to speak the language of the people they minister to. Currently, dance is the language of the youth. Through the MVMNT concert, the gospel is delivered in a message that the youth can connect to, understand, and most importantly feel. With that, a personal relationship with Jesus becomes familiar, no longer foreign.”


Indeed, God created movement and it was good.




Sis. Dr. Grace Pancho



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