MVMNT Dance Concert

April 07, 2019

On April 7, 2019, a dance concert was held in The Lord’s Flock (TLF) Community entitled, “MVMNT (Movement).” This was to serve as a fundraiser for the upcoming SYFOF Conference 2019 in June. TLF was filled with an exciting buzz as members and guests occupied the Heritage Sanctuary. Smiles on people’s faces, tickets being ripped, friendly chatter amongst the crowd, it was a very exciting day indeed.


The event began with a prayer and the National Anthem, followed by words of wisdom from the Elder-Founder and Vision-holder, Sister Techie Rodriguez. She explained how The Holy Spirit had given her inspiration of spreading the faith on fire amongst the youth, and how each of them had grown. Being inspired even more to spread this fire all around the country and the world, she told stories about the previous conferences that proved to be incredibly effective and successful, through the grace of God. It was again that time to spread the fire, and this dance concert was just the beginning.


Soon, the lights dimmed and a video of God’s creations filled the projector screens. “In everything God created, there is movement.” It said, as dancers went on stage. The sanctuary was filled with energy as the members of the KOROS School of Dance poured their heart and soul into each and every movement of their body. This was no ordinary dance concert, for each and every routine held a story. Starting off with the movement as God’s creations soon transitioned to the journey of man through sin. The music changed, and the dances were showing the story of how man succumbed to pride, greed, worldly possessions and all kinds of sin. Suddenly man was lost. The dancers showed the everyday struggle of most human beings in life.


What is more interesting about this concert is that there were testimonies in between, by Sis. Judith Almendrala and her son, Emman Almendrala. A voice over was playing as they danced through each word of their stories. They shared about how dancing had led them to sin, and how they ended up lost and confused.


But when all seemed hopeless and man was lost in darkness, God shined a light. Sis. Judith and Bro. Emman shared (through their dancing) how God had saved them, and led them to a bigger purpose: dancing for the Lord. Dancing to inspire. There was a big turn in the dances. In one segment, the dancers came on stage wearing white to symbolize redemption, dancing to Hillsong’s “Grace to Grace.” The sanctuary was filled with deep passion and emotion, some people even shedding tears, as they remembered the feeling of being rescued by God once more.


The concert ended with an interactive dance, encouraging the crowd to join in praising the Lord through their movements. The last few routines of the show was a story of a bigger purpose: dancing like King David danced. Not to look like a fool, no. But only to glorify our God who is deserving of our praises. MVMNT proved to be one of the most inspirational things a young person can do. Some people had seen the show twice on the same day, yet the quality, passion, and emotion did not change for it was the Holy Spirit moving through each and every movement


By:  Janaiah Billones

New Generation & Scribes Ministry


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