Mission 5000

June 01, 2019

It is not every day that I am able to extend help to those who needed it, so I am very honored to be part of Mission 5000. I woke up enthusiastically that day because I know I am on a purpose and about to do something good and right. It was my first outreach program as a volunteer with my org. mates and every step of it was very fun from asking for donations, bringing it to the Lord’s flock, to packing the donations. I was in glee the whole time we were on the road looking for children to give the simple box we’ve prepared. Seeing those street children put smiles on their faces despite their situation really warms my heart and made me realize to value small things as they matter and become a huge help to less fortunate people. I feel more blessed than the children we helped because they made me understand the spirit of compassion, also I was able to meet amazing people with big heart- the Lord’s flock community. Mission 5000 gave me an opportunity to express my gratitude to the Lord, bible says “This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of the Lord’s people but also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God”. I am very thankful to Lord’s flock for being a bridge to me and our organization to share our blessings to other. Actually, I’ve done several outreach already but it never fails to amaze me how sharing makes me feel contented and giving doesn’t makes me feel losing but gaining.


– Jan Allen Pendon

Polytechnic University of the Philippines BS Civil Engineering



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