Global Anointing Day

August 02, 2020


Since the lockdown, the Lord’s Flock Community was able to hold its Anointing Day for the first time last August 2, 2020.  Anointing Day, which was a monthly activity conducted every first Sunday of the month at the Heritage, was suspended due to the community quarantine. The recently held event is a historical one because of its many firsts. It is the first anointing attended by LF members across the globe; the first that was attended by more than a thousand members (1,368 to be exact); and the first that was held online via zoom. Indeed, it was a special day for all Lord’s Flock members,  specially for the workers, who were anointed with the Holy Spirit and empowered to serve the Lord.  


The excited members started joining the online meeting room as early as 10:30 AM. They greeted the  Elders – Tatay Bob, Sor and Bro. Froi, and one another.  Sis. Gina Duran of the Evangelize Ministry facilitated the event. The Psalm Ministry started with a joyful song and Sis. Mikaela Rodriguez-Flores, our Executive Head Servant,  led the opening prayer.


A short audio-visual presentation showed how anointing had been done at the main centre in Manila for the international and local chapter members. It was tearfully viewed by many, and most especially the attendees of the Heritage, who expressed how much they missed attending it in the Sanctuary.


The first part of the program was the reporting by each Ministry on their updates, activities and   their plans during this quarantine period. The Heads of the Five-Fold Ministries were the first to report: EVANGELIZE- Bro Jess Medallo & Bro Al Flores; PASTOR- Sis Lea Tapispisan; EQUIP – Bro Raymund Nobleza; SERVE – Bro Allan Almendrala; and SEND – Sis Janice Atienza and Bro Derick Santiago. Moreover, Bro Erin Flores from the Communications Group showed the new plans and ways for members to be connected online. On the other hand, Bro Froilan Hong, Senior Head Servant, enumerated the updates of the Executive Office, the Financial Report, and the Heritage Construction update. Lastly, Sis Grace Lomarda presented the report on 300 Pillars’ status from the Council of Advisers, with a call to fulfill the members’ pledges.  


The second part of the program was the Elder’s Teaching given by Sis Techie “Sor” Rodriguez. Before Sor started, she appeared emotional. With tears in eyes, she overwhelmingly expressed gratitude for the number of members who attended this first Global Anointing Day. She also shared her morning vision during her prayer – God anointing each member of the flock.  The Lord’s anointing through the Elders is extremely important to experience extraordinary things and be sanctified to bring glory to God. Moreover, Sor shared the seven anointing graces of God – wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of God. She emphasized that in order to preserve the anointing, everyone must be obedient to the word of God; otherwise, the anointing would be lost. Thus, everyone was reminded to be faithful in living their life  for the Lord.


After Sor’s teaching, the members were instructed to be in their prayerful disposition in preparation for the anointing rites. She prayed for the sanctification of the mind, lips, heart, ears, and hands so that only what is good will be thought of, spoken, felt, heard, worked for. Prayers of healing and blessings were also extended to the members. Indeed, it was a spirit -filled ceremony where God’s presence was felt.


After the anointing, members expressed their appreciation for being able to attend the event.  Almost everyone wanted to stay longer to have a chance to interact with one another, most especially with our elders –Tatay Bob and Sor. Some eagerly shared their instant healing during the ceremony. Our elders graciously entertained the members who stayed online for half an hour after the anointing.


The first global anointing was a truly memorable experience for everyone. To the attendees of the main centre, this was a much-awaited event, after four months of lockdown. To the attendees from the local and international chapters, this was a unique, spiritual-filled day. Renewed by the Holy Spirit, they looked forward to greater things that the Lord has in store for the rest of the year.  Finally, they were reminded that the Lord’s anointing could use them mightily to bring back the glory to God.




Prepared  by: Sis Joy Tadeo (SERVE Ministry)