Elders’ Joint Birthday Zoom Party

August 09, 2020



Every year, the month of August brings a feeling of excitement and frenzy among the Lord’s Flock community members, who eagerly anticipate and prepare for the joint birthday celebration of our Elders-Founders, Sis Techie “Soar” Rodriguez and Tatay Bob Rodriguez.


The challenge to hold an immense celebration was initially daunting because of the pervasive community quarantine. Instead of a traditional localized party at the Heritage Center in Quezon City, a Global Zoom Birthday party inevitably took place on August 9th,. It enabled over 800 community members (both local and international) brimming with delight and enthusiasm to faithfully come together in this once in a lifetime online celebration. Moreover, the couple’s family, relatives and special friends warmly greeted and relayed inspiring birthday messages.


Hence, TLF community firmly believed that nothing was impossible, and indeed there was a silver lining; God has worked wonders in this festive event, opened global boundaries and connected members amidst the alarming COVID pandemic.


The Sunday affair lasted over three hours and the strong participation was a reflection of their dedication to their flock and the latter’s love and respect for them. It commenced with a Thanksgiving Holy Mass officiated by Monsignor Bandojo, who is their close relative and spiritual adviser.   Thereafter, the program emcees, Bro Raymund Nobleza (EQUIP Ministry) and Sis Gina Duran (EVANGELIZE Ministry), cheerfully welcomed all the attendees who eagerly greeted Soar and Tatay.  The mood was made very festive by the eye-catching and the vibrant colors of the Filipiniana “alampay/bandana”, “buntal” hats, and kerchiefs.  The celebrators and guests were entertained by the creative presentations, as song and dance numbers were performed in colorful costumes and different languages – English, Filipino as well as in Spanish, Arabic and Cantonese, representing their chapter locations.   A game on “how well do we really know our elders” revealed bits of trivia about our beloved spiritual advisers. Winners were delighted with the exciting prizes sponsored by our very own LF entrepreneurs (yummy home-made delicacies and very useful disinfecting & protection kits).  Then, the tables were turned as Bro Kent Galido played a game “Fast Talk” with Tatay and Soar. Who would have guessed that Tatay likes chicharon and juice, while Soar prefers adobong tuyo and coffee?  


There were also tributes & inspirational speeches from representatives of the Ministries and Small Groups. Some shared their moving life stories, and how they were touched and blessed by our Elders’ guidance and prayers. Our Elders were showered with overflowing love and gifts – flowers, birthday cakes, lechon and feast of food, and love offerings for the mission.  The favorite song of Tatay Bob “In His Time ” was sang by a chorus, which touched many hearts and made many people teary- eyed.


What’s a party without the blowing of a birthday cake candle? Indeed, there were cakes galore in yummy flavors in their home and as they blew their candles, the guests online likewise showed and lit their own cakes/ cupcakes from their respective homes.


The well-attended birthday celebration was indeed a memorable affair for bringing the local and international LF community together. As Soar thanked everyone, she was evidently touched by the heart-warming accolades and prayers for their continued good health and long life.  As they continue to lead people towards the right path and towards a life with Jesus, the community continues to pray for more empowerment, sanctification and fortification.


Prepared by Sis Virgie Chang (St Luke’s Ministry)