Sis. Techie is a founder of the Lord’s Flock Catholic Charismatic Ministry together with her husband Bro. Bobby. She has been in the Charismatic Renewal since 1980. She was the treasurer of the International Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenanted Communities and Fellowships for 7 years ending in 2013. It was Pope John Paul II who encouraged the formation of the Catholic Fraternity based in the Vatican and given Papal Right.


The Community that she founded is in the forefront of the Charismatic Renewal in the Philippines. Sis. Techie’s dynamism in bringing the word to many places resulted in establishing Chapters in Asia, the US and Canada, UK, UE, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and to as far as Uganda in Africa. She has been in many International Charismatic Congresses all over Asia and the US giving Keynote addresses, talks, testimonials, and lectures in Catholic as well as other Christian audiences.  In 2011 while praying in a half-empty Church in Rome she received an inspiration from the Holy Spirit “to bring back the youths to the Church”.




Upon arrival in the Philippines she started gathering the youths of the community, trained them and build them into a young army of missionaries to bring back the youths through music, band, dances, evangelistic plays, life testimonies, workshops, games and worship concerts.

Through this inspiration a counter force of youth-led initiative is winning many young souls back to the Catholic Church.  Sis. Techie’s passion in spreading the Word of God through the Renewal has never waned in all these 37 years. In fact her looks has never been affected by time, a grace given her by the Lord.  

Bro. Bobby is known as the “Tatay” or Father of the community. A very soft spoken man of deep faith and trust in God. He compliments Sis. Techie in her teachings and preaching by doing and accomplishing the temporal things needed by the church.


He studied aeronautical engineering and after college he was drawn to construction until he established his own construction company. He built mostly infrastructural works for the military camps.






He left his worldly ways that characterizes wanton ways away from God when God called him to the Charismatic Renewal six months after Sis Techie, his wife, encountered God in the Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar.


Thus God used mightily Bro Bob’s and Sis Techie’s tandem in proclaiming the word. They were among the pioneers of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church. Bro. Bobby and Sis. Techie formed The Lord’s Flock by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit on April 4, 1986. He remains the strong silent pillar that serves as inspiration to the members of the flock. He himself, like Sis Techie, is a miracle ground of God having gone through several life threatening episodes in his life that make powerful testimonies.





The History of The Lord’s Flock is very closely intertwined with the life of its visionary, Sis Techie Molina Rodriguez. The Lord gave her a prophetic vision and she faithfully obeyed His instructions. As the vision holder, she has given herself entirely to the service of God’.


Sis Techie, together with Bro. Bobby Rodriguez her husband lead steadfastly the journey of the Community to its appointed mission. They were supported by people who have caught the same vision among them co-founder, dedicated ministry heads, stewards, chapter coordinators, leaders and members.


On  March  16,  1986,   the  time  of  fulfillment  of  a prophecy  had  come.  This prophecy was told by Fr. Joel Ador, OP to Sis. Techie Rodriguez, two year earlier, now this prophecy presented itself to Bro. Bobby Rodriguez.  Sis Techie Rodriguez and Bro. Froilan Hong.  Together with a handful of renewed Christian, they started to meet and pray together to seek God’s clear message regarding the events unfolding at that time,  It was a period of deep reflection and big decision.  Fr. Hubert Decena, an Augustinian Recollects priest, led Sis. Techie and here group into a one-hour contemplative prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.  A vision came to Sis. Techie which Fr. Decena interpreted that she would establish a new community to win souls for Christ.


Out of that vision given to Sis. Techie on March 24, 1986 The Lord’s Flock was born in the chapel of the Seminary of the Augustinian Recollects Fathers.


Fr. Joel Ador, OP confirmed that Sis. Techie’s vision was indeed the fulfillment of a prophecy God given him on March 16, 1984.  He said that the Lord will use Sis. Techie in a new and much bigger Catholic charismatic community.  Three more priests, who were completely without knowledge of what was happening, confirmed the formation of a new community.  Among them Fr. Val Darunday, S.V.D., and Monsignor Bautista of Pampanga.


Sis. Techie and Bro. Bobby and a small group held a meeting at the Quezon Memorial Circle to appraise them of how God is moving in the succession of events.  During the meeting, Sis. Techie received a word of knowledge from the Lord revealing that 150 people would attend a prayer meeting at an old building beside St. Peter’s Memorial Homes along Quezon Avenue Quezon City.


In the morning of April 3, 1986, Sis. Techie immediately negotiated with the owner of the building the rental of the building which was drastically reduced from P15,000 to P5,000 a month without any deposit.  The building was dilapidated, its beams were sagging, and its floor was cracked and vibrating.  She also persuaded the owner to apply a fresh coat of paint on the entire 2nd floor.


On the evening of April 4, 1986, the group’s first prayer – meeting was held with 150 people attending.  There were no chairs in the building, people sat on newspapers spread on the dusty floor.  The place was lighted with only one bulb.


During the Eucharistic celebration, Fr. Joel Ador gave the community its name from Jeremiah 13:17:  THE LORD’S FLOCK.  Thus, a new community, The Lord’s Flock was born!  Sis Techie, Bro. Bobby, and Bro. Froi immediately organized the new Community’s first Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar (CLSS) on April 25, 1986.  More than a thousand people came and filled the entire hall to overflowing.  Some were even on the ledge of the building while others remained in the driveway below because there were no more space available upstairs.  More than a thousand people were baptized in the Holy Spirit that day.


After the first CLSS, the growth of the Lord’s Flock was phenomenal “and every day the Lord added to their number those who were being saved.”        (Acts 2:47).


Three months after the community had rented the building; an additional bay was constructed to accommodate the increasing membership. But like the universal Church, The Lord’s Flock and its elders were hounded by persecutions and false accusations in an attempt to hinder God’s work through Community.


In Acts 5:38-39 “… For if his endeavor or this activity is of human origin, it will destroy itself. But if it comes from God, you will not be able to destroy them; you may even find yourselves fighting against God. “The forces of the enemy were of no match to the community established by God.


The Lord’s Flock radio program “Signs and Wonders” was first aired over Radio Veritas on January 29, 1987. The program was hosted by Fr. Larry Faraon, OP, Sis. Techie Rodriguez, and Bro. Froilan Hong. It started as two hour program with teachings on the practical life applications of God’s Word. It accepted listener’s request for prayer, healing and counseling. A Tagalog version, “Tanda’t Himala”, hosted by Bro.Bobby followed soon afterwards. After 16 years of broadcast it stopped to give way to the “Signs and Wonders Power of the Word” on television.

To meet the ever increasing demand for space, as the Community continued to grow, The Lord’s Flock EDSA Branch was established and inaugurates on February 19, 1987 at EDSA near the corner of Biglang Awa Street in Quezon City. Then the main office of The Lord’s Flock was transferred in July 1988 to a bigger and better site at G&D Building, D.Tuazon corner Quezon Avenue in Quezon City.


In December 1988, The Lord’s Flock was incorporated as foundation in the Philippines: On May 1988, it was incorporated in California, USA. The foundations formed in the Philippines and in the United States are the corporate and juridical entities that are transacting the temporal needs of the Community in these countries.


On September 3, 1988, The Lord’s Flock became a founding member of the Federation of Trans parochial Charismatic Communities Inc. (FTCC). The FTCC is the umbrella organization of all the Trans parochial charismatic communities in the Archdiocese of Manila. It is under the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church and organized by His eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin Archbishop of Manila.


The Lord’s Flock continued to prosper in membership. The first international chapter of the Community was established in Singapore in June 1989. This was followed by chapters in Hong Kong in February 1990 and in United States in July 1991.


To effectively manage the ever-growing number of members in the Community, smaller units called “households” were created. In November 1990, the NET Household for single professionals was the first to be established. It was followed by the CANA Household for married couples, the Young Adults


Household for high school and college students, and the Small World Household for children ages 4-12.


In 1991, the HARVEST FORMATION PROGRAM was introduced. This program was designed to nurture the member’s formative years and to become the seedbed of the community’s potential leaders. In May of the same year, the Harvest Formation Center was inaugurated at Casa Bella Building at Alejandro Roces Avenue, corner Quezon Avenue.


The “Signs and Wonders” radio program was moved from radio Veritas in Quezon City to DWIZ in Makati City in 1991. Bro. Judge Oscar Leviste and Bro. Dr. Butch Roxas joined as co-anchors. The community continued to bring lost souls to the Lord. To meet the additional space needs of the swelling membership, the Paramount Center in West Avenue in Quezon City was opened on January 30, 1992. The small EDSA Branch in Caloocan City was closed.


On August 18, 1992, the Brethren Household was organized for professionals and businessmen who were tasked to help the “least among my brethren” (LAMB) and to renew their workplace.


In 1994, the Disciple Formation Program was launched. It was designed to focus on leadership training and pastoring for those who have completed the Harvest Formation Program.

The City Hall authorities, noting that everything is in order approved the project.


In the same year, the Community started a new trend in evangelization in the Roman Catholic Church. It formed the Street Evangelization Group (now the Proclaim Ministry). It also extends works and acts of mercy to less fortunate brothers and sisters when it put up the Good Samaritan Ministry.


In January 1995, the Community’s activities at Paramount Center and at Casa Bella Harvest Formation Center were transferred and consolidated in one place – The Bookman Building in Quezon Avenue.


The Lord’s Flock, upon receiving messages from the Lord, realized the effectiveness of evangelization through the television media. On December 24, 1998, the first episode of the TV program “Signs and Wonders, Power of the Word” was telecast on GMA 7, within a short period of nine months; it rated among the top three religious programs on local TV. Since then it has been a recipient of the “Anak TV Seal Award” for 10 years from 2003-2015. The program was successfully aired in RPN 9, channel 13, channel 5 and in PTV 4 from 2011-2015.


On January 30, 1999, the Bookman center was closed in order to consolidate all activities of the Community at two floors covering 2,500 square meters at G&D Building, D.Tuazon Street corner Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. This final consolidation was preparatory to the building of the 12-storey Heritage Building.


Sis. Techie Rodriguez and Bro. Bobby Rodriguez restarted planting more chapters in Canada and in the United States.  In October 1988, new chapters in Toronto and in Scarborough, two chapters in New Jersey, and another chapter in Sacramento, California, were established.  A third community was added in New /Jersey in 1999.


The Lord’s Flock focused its different programs for the new millennium with intensified evangelization and church planting.  Its active membership of more than three thousand is enthusiastically serving the Lord through these programs.  It aims to live up to its name as “People of Faith.”

The Lord’s Flock continued to use the Lord’s Flock mightily in His work – bringing the elders, Sis Techie and Bro. Bobby to evangelical missions in Asia, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany in Europe.


On March 12, 2003, The Lord’s Flock was invited to be a member of the Catholic Fraternity of Covenanted Communities and Fellowships, an association based in Rome and vested with papal rights.  The formation of this fraternity had been with the encouragement of the St. Pope John Paul II.  It usually takes three years for a community to remain an under – way member and another year to become a regular member.


In January 2006, The Lord’s Flock was elevated to full membership of the Fraternity.  The Lord had given the Community this great honor!  In November 2006, Sis Techie and Bro. Froi Hong went to Sao Paolo, Brazil in order to be formally installed and prayed over by the Catholic Fraternity’s general membership.


In November 2007, Sis. Techie Rodriguez was elected to the Executive Council of the Fraternity being its only woman member.  Thereafter she was unanimously elected Treasurer of the Fraternity during a four – day meeting in Assisi, Italy.  She was also appointed the regional coordinator for Asia in the organization composed of 80 covenanted communities in the USA, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Oceania.


The community continues to place itself at disposal of the Lord standing ready for what the Lord may want the community to do next.





As early as the founding of the Lord’s Flock, Sis Techie has already been prompted to save money every time there will be a surplus in the Community funds.  She called it the “Building Fund”.


Then in 1993, a series of messages started to come to her and later on September 22, 1994, the Lord gave a message to the EXECOM regarding the acquisition of a land for the Community for the construction of a house of worship for the Lord (named “The Heritage”) (Numbers 26:52-56).  The community started to move based on the messages.


A fund raising campaign was started following a message in        1 Maccabees 15:6, “I authorize you to coin your own money.”  The land was described in Ezekiel 47:1-7.  After several properties were looked at and evaluated, the land was finally located in Catanduanes St. in Quezon City near West Avenue.  Then in Jeremiah 32:6-15, the Lord instructed to “Buy for yourself my fields.. accept the deed of purchase.. contained for, thus says the Lord of Host.  House and fields and vineyards shall again be bought in this land”




Sis. Techie arranged a loan to be able to buy the P16 million worth of property and to be able to take hold of the title.  


The title was in turn given to the bank as collateral for an P8 million to pay the owner in full.


The community started to prepare for construction a capsule laying of the corner stone was held with Bro. Willy and Sis. Luli Nakar as guests on July 11, 1996.


The Lord has a message again in Exodus 30:12-13.  He talks of the TEMPLE TRIBUTE of “half a shekel” an equivalent of P7 a day.  This was done and became a continuous source of fund for the Heritage.

The Lord has a message again in Exodus 30:12-13.  He talks of the TEMPLE TRIBUTE of “half a shekel” an equivalent of P7 a day.  This was done and became a continuous source of fund for the Heritage.


After a year, the Lord’s flock was able to pay P4 million which led to a re-structuring of the Loan for 5 years.  This was due to the bank’s losses in interests because of the early payment.  The loan was firmed up in August 1997.  Then the Lord said in 1 Mac 15:8 “All debts, present or future due to the royal treasury shall be cancelled for you now and for all time..”  “.. in the eleventh year of the 8th month of Bul (1King 6:38).


True to His promise, the Lord paid the balance in November 1997.  (The Month of Bul is from October to November in the Jewish calendar)  The plans were prepared following God’s description of a “lofty and magnificent building in His name (1 Chronicles 22:5; 2 Chronicles 2:4).  All the architectural and engineering plans were thus prepared for a 12 story building to accommodate all the activities of the Lord’s Flock.


But when the permit to construct was applied for, the Homeowners’ Association put up streamers beside the property.  “NO TO HIGH RISE BUILDING”.  The Barangay Captain who promised to endorse the project had a change of heart and supported the Homeowners instead.  The plans were retrieved from the City Hall and it was decided to apply for Phase 1 only, covering 5 storeys. 

The plans were redrawn and submitted for permit.  The Barangay Captain lost in the election and was replaced by a new one who proudly claims he has his CLSS at the Lord’s Flock.  He was God’s instrument in endorsing the project to City Hall.  


On December 22, 2002, the Ceremonial Ground – breaking for the 12 – storey Heritage Building was officiated by Bishop Teodoro Bacani.  The existing building and old structure were demolished and the site cleared ready for excavation for 3 basements in January 2003.  Phase 1 construction of this building consisted of 3 basements and five stories including the auditorium.  This 128,000 square meter building facility was named “The Lord’s Flock Heritage Worship and Spiritual Formation Center”.

Excavation started in February 2003 and the first concrete pouring of the very thick foundation for a 12 storey structure began on January 6, 2004.  The structure rose slowly but steadily resolving complicated technical issues as the structure rose above the ground.


On the community’s 21st anniversary on April 4, 2007, the Community Rites of a magnificent and lofty marking the Dedication Rites of a magnificent and lofty edifice – The Heritage Worship and Spiritual Formation Center.  This center is truly a miracle of the Lord Most High!  It is a vision realized!  It is God work through a “people of faith!”


On August 1, 2007, the Community made its final move into the Heritage Worship and Spiritual Formation Center.  This period of transfer was fondly called “Exodus to the Promised Land (Heritage).”  On August 31, 2007, the community held the first Harvest – Disciple in-Gathering at the Heritage Sanctuary.  This was a very meaningful celebration of the ”Entry to the Promised Land (Heritage)”.  When you have entered the land that the Lord will give you as He promised, observe this ceremony.  It is the Passover sacrifice to the Lord.” (Exodus 12:25, 27).


Mission & Vision 





As given by the Lord, to Sis Techie M. Rodriguez. Recollectos Seminary Tierra Pura, Tandang Sora, Quezon City. March 1986 At around six o’clock in the evening, the sky is already dark. The rain is pouring. I am on a big white boat tossed about by the waves that seemed to grow bigger and bigger. Then as the mist slowly begins to clear I saw people trying to get hold of my boat for safety. People… people… everywhere. Some are desperately struggling to stay afloat, swimming around and panic stricken. Many already are drowning. My face is so wet from crying and from the rain that mercilessly falls down in torrents. I am calling them… and trying to lead them to 


safety of my boat. My heart is so filled with pity and I feel confusion and helplessness. So many of them! And the midst of chaos, I heard a distinctive voice that says, “Save my people, bring them to safety. They will listen to the voice of the Shepherd and they will recognize the True Voice.” It was The Lord.



The community envisions each member to be pastored in an appropriate Oikos/ Ministry/ Unit where he/she can fit in and have spiritual feeding and guidance. After praying to the Holy Spirit on how the prophetic vision will be concretized. The Lord gave the answer in the book of Numbers 32:24 in the Bible! The corporate vision is “…FOLDS FOR THE FLOCK” A place for tending the flock. 


A holding place for warm bodies for nurturing of their spiritual development, and mentoring and training for evangelization work.



To make disciples (Matt. 28:19) and equip them for the building up of the body of Christ (Eph 4:12) the Lord’s Flock, exercising the spiritual gifts particularly:

HEALING (Matt 9:35)


LOYAL HELPER (Eph. 6:12)

PASTORING (John 21:15)





The Lord’s Flock Logo


The ROD & Staff are tools of a Shepherd. The STAFF symbolized PASTORING. The ROD is a symbol of DISCIPLINE.


The name LORD’S FLOCK is found in Jeremiah 13:17


The Yellow Background symbolizes light. 1 John 1:5 “God is Light…”


The LAMB is a white lamb, symbolizing that we have been purified of our sins.


(Psalm 51:9) The LAMB is a resting lamb. We are “God’s well tended flock”.


The Black lines bordering the logo is a symbol of death to the world and we should be, as Christ’s new creation, dead to sin. (Romans 6:11)

The Lord’s Flock Spirituality


The Lord’s Flock Spirituality stems from 3 foundations namely:




The Holy Eucharist is the center of all its rites, its worship and its life.




The expression of the life of the congregation is obedience to the Word of God, as inspired by Mama Mary, “Let it be done to me according to Your Word.”



A life in God demonstrated in seeking God’s guidance through His Words and observing them as well as the practice of the gifts of the Holy Spirit such as healing, spiritual liberation, discernment, prophecy, tongues and others 




The Lord’s Flock Identity is manifested in the following





The member’s lifestyle revolves around communion with the Lord through prayers and study of the Word to listen and be guided by the Holy Spirit in everything that they do every day.




The Lord’s Flock is very active as a community in bringing the Word of God to both Catholic, and non - Catholics to the churched and unchurched. Its first mission is to revive the sagging faith of nominal Catholics all over the world and to bring the Word to non-Catholics such as in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in Japan and in Uganda Africa.



The Lord’s Flock actively supports the Hierarchy effort to reach out to other denominations through the CBCP’s Episcopal Commission on Ecumenical Affairs and the Catholic Fraternity.

     The Lord's Flock Anthem
Lyrics by: Froilan Hong
Music by: Joy Domingo


We are His flock
We are His people
Out of a vision this flock was born
A refuge for the lost
And a place where souls can be at rest
People of faith we have become
By the power of Your hand
We are bringing Your word to distant lands
Harvest of souls fill us with joy
Signs and wonders confirm His rule

We are His flock
We are His people
We worship God in splendor
We all rise up
We all cry out
We are victorious in battle
A royal priesthood
A holy nation
We are a chosen generation
We are a chosen generation

We are His people

The Lord shall find us faithful
We are His flock
We are His people
The Lord shall find us faithful
We are faithful
We are faithful
We are His flock


TEN Core Values 


Dear Lord,



Touch my heart...
to value my LOVE for God above all things;


Fill my spirit...
to value my COMMITMENT and consistency to win souls for Christ;


Renew my mind...
to value my OBEDIENCE and prompt response to God and the governance of the Community;


Grant me the wisdom...
to value my STEWARDSHIP in all areas of my life: time, talent, treasure, family, work, responsibilities;


 Transform my soul...
to value my SPIRITUALITY by regularly investing time in my prayer and in study;


Light my path...
to value my Christian INTEGRITY demonstrating honesty, morality, respect and humility in my daily walk in Spirit;


Show me the way...
to value my FAITH in God and being a possessor of the Word of God;


Give me the joy...
to value my honoring God with my TITHES and offerings


Lead my life...
to value my pursuit of EXCELLENCE in everything I do; and


Mold my body...
to value my MEMBERSHIP within the Body of Christ in The Lord's Flock and my response to exercise God-given gifts for the edification of the body;







Heritage Worship and Spiritual Formation Center


Weekly Schedule at The Heritage




Growth Series Teaching

at The Heritage Sanctuary

7:30pm - 9:30pm


Small Group Gatherings

(in various areas twice a month)


6:00pm - Holy Mass

7:30pm - General Assembly



Sunday is Family Day


Daily Masses (except Sundays)


(Thursdays @ 5:30pm)

(Saturdays @ 6:00pm)




A duly recognized Catholic Charismatic Community under the Diocese of Cubao, Quezon City



Member of the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines CBCP-LAIKO



Federation of National Youth Organizations


The Execom Leaders