Caleb's Conquest

Put Aside Your Excuses

Listening and Reacting

Doors of Opportunity

When Smart People Make Foolish Decisions

Godly Advice in Facing Trials

How to Pray in Difficult Times

Prison of His Praises

10 Commandments For Making Of The Miracles

Modern Wise Men

Embrace Your Seasons

One Tearful Moment After The Other

More Than Just Water

Praying God-Size Prayer (Hell-Shaking Prayer)

Created for Community

Dealing with Divine Silence

The Reward of Willingness

I won't Settle for Crumbs

Modern Wise Men

Redefining and Redirecting Your Personal Vision

Four Pillars for Life's Stormy Seas

One Night Upon the Sea - Part 1

One Night Upon the Sea - Part 2

One Night Upon the Sea - Part 3

When We Stop Measuring Everything the Miracle will Begin - Part 1

When We Stop Measuring Everything the Miracle will Begin - Part 2

When We Stop Measuring Everything the Miracle will Begin - Part 3

When to Keep Your Mouth Shut - Part 1

When to Keep Your Mouth Shut - Part 2

When to Keep Your Mouth Shut - Part 3

God Wants You to Succeed

Beautifying the Tongue - Part 1

Beautifying the Tongue - Part 2

Beautifying the Tongue - Part 3

Test of Obedience

Turning Adversities Into Opportunities: The Life and Times of Daniel - Part 1

Turning Adversities Into Opportunities: The Life and Times of Daniel - Part 2

No Cheap Seats


10 Pillars of Prosperous Life - Part 1

10 Pillars of Prosperous Life - Part 2

Promises for Testing Times - Part 1

Promises for Testing Times - Part 2

Listening to God - Part 1

Listening to God - Part 2

The Profit in Trials

God's Plan for Your Finances

Life Changing Encounter - Emma Espina

Commitment: The Foundation of Becoming a Good Follower Part 1

When we decide to follow Jesus, we must count the cost and be willing to abandon everything else that may distract us. 

Consequences of Spiritual Apathy

Our theme for this year is “Awakening from Spiritual Slumber or Spiritual Sleep.” There are different types of sleep. Some people in our church and in our community are already in coma, which means that he or she had been sleeping for a long time.

Filled to the Brim - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Life is empty without Christ. But, with Christ, you are satisfied because Christ has everything and, when you are with Him, there is nothing you shall want. 

God Tests Our Faith Through Obedience

Jesus emptied Himself and obeyed the Father until His death. Jesus’ life is a very beautiful example of obedience and because of this, God greatly exalted him. So, have the same attitude of Christ and be like Him.

The Real Faith that Really Works

So, faith without action is dead. Now, let us talk about real faith.

The Four Tests of Faith - Part 1

Money is one of the greatest tests of character and faith.

How God Tests Our Faith

God wants to see how much we love Him. He wants to know whether we will trust Him no matter what happens in our lives.


We should all ask God for His unconditional love so that we too may experience conversion and spend all our energy for the Kingdom of God.

Becoming a Person of Integrity

Integrity means deciding to integrate my heart’s value into my daily actions.


Let our presence be felt and give realistic and meaningful service to the poor.

The Brothers of Goliath - Part 2


The first step towards victory is to acknowledge that we need to renew our renewed lives. We need to once again ask the Lord to send forth His Holy Spirit upon us so that, once again, we may experience a new Pentecost to renew our renewed lives.  

The Brothers of Goliath - Part 1

We should always be ready to fight against the schemes of the enemy (Satan) and we should be firm in trusting the Lord. 

The Importance of Making Decision About The Will of God

Learn the principles/steps to know If your decision Is the will of God.

Important Questions That We Have To Ask Ourselves On Our Next Birthday

Our birthdays provide a lot of opportunities to enlarge our vision in becoming Christ-like.  Another year in age does not equal another year in growth.  Have we been growing in maturity?  

Road to Brokenness

The journey and the work on the road to brokenness will begin when we ask the Holy Spirit to be our travelling partner. 

Wash Your Mouth with Soap

Let us always remember to ask the Lord for wisdom before we say something.

Learning from the Mistakes of Others

We are always admonished to avoid making mistakes.  One way to do so is by learning from the mistakes of others.

Lent A Time for Humility and Repentance

Let us admit our sins and recognize our need for forgiveness from God.  Let us ask for mercy from Jesus, the Lamb of God who died for us and redeemed us from our sins.

Bear One Another's Burden

If we do not like a person, let us look at ourselves first. Have we not done something wrong ourselves?

What Matters Most in Life

Relationships, not achievements or the acquisition of things, are what matters most in life.

The Laity and Their Role in the Church

They are made sharers in Christ’s priestly, prophetic and kingly missions. This means that lay persons are consecrated; they are set apart for God. We often think that when someone is consecrated, he is a priest or a nun. It actually means he or she is being dedicated to God.

How to Stop Satan from Hindering Us

We are not waging the war alone against Satan; God Himself is in the forefront of the battlefield!

Contentment vs Complancency

Contentment is recognizing that what I have is sufficient and then making the most of it.

Faith & Evangelization

It is placing always our complete trust in our Lord Jesus Christ who never fails us.  It is a grace from God. It is also a human responsibility.

The Lord's Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is a complete prayer. It is a means of raising to God our past, present, and future. It is a prayer that only real disciples can pray. Jesus chose these words to teach us how to pray as we ought to do so.

Sacrifice in Service

The proof of our love of our Lord is tested on how much is our willingness to sacrifice for Him. Let us love Jesus with our sacrificial love and please His Father!

God's Power in Our Weakness

God often acts in ways that are the exact opposite of what we expect.  We think that God only wants to use our strength, but He also wants to use our weakness for His glory.  

Victory in Adversity

God never promised that we would live a problem-free life.  In reality, we all experience problems – financial crisis, illness, and even death in the family.  The good news is that we can defeat these problems.

Five Laws of Relationships with People

The Bible-based laws of relationships with people around us require us to bless our enemies, to be sensitive of the feelings of others, to be in harmony and have the same regard with others, to be kind to all, and to be humble.

Contenders for the Faith

Let us develop a diligent spirit that can help us establish a deep and personal relationship with the Lord.

The Importance of a Diligent Spirit

Let us develop a diligent spirit that can help us establish a deep and personal relationship with the Lord.

Discovering the Power of Our Personal Domain

We have personal authority and power to fulfill our purpose in life.

Signs of Discipleship

What is discipleship? Discipleship is the way of following the Lord Jesus.

God's Ways

We have personal authority and power to fulfill our purpose in life. What is happening in our life is within our personal authority and power.

A Life that Matters

Living a life that matters does not happen by accident. It’s not a matter of circumstance, but of choice. Choose to live a life that matters.

Seven Signs of a Growing Church

Never should we hinder to growth of our church.

The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree

We should not be like a barren fig tree that if it is not going to bear fruit, then it’s better to cut it down.

The Power to Bless or to Curse

How should we use our power to bless? How can we be responsible with the words that come out of our mouth?

Do You Believe in Miracles

Don’t look at the problem but think first of the solution who is JESUS.

The Power and Secret of Encouragement

But if by faith you look at Jesus, then, like David, you will encourage yourself in the Lord.


Learn to fight back frustrations in a positive manner.


Have you been unfaithful or irresponsible? Are you tempted to quit?

Love Heals

How does love heal? What are the major factors affecting our state of health?

There is Miracle in Your Mouth

Speak God’s words of healing and faith. Speak of the goodness of the Lord. Believe in the power of blessing. Speak a blessing. There is miracle in your mouth!

Restoration of Self Esteem (Part II)

It is important to accept our life situation and believe inour self-value. Someone else does believe in our value – God.

Restoration of Self Image (Part I)

The Lord God created man in his image and likeness. Since He is a perfect God, He created man to be perfect like Him. So every person is a perfect image of God – a perfect maker, a perfect creator.