Harvest is a group or community of people committed to study, know and apply God's Word in a caring fellowship with one another to bring about pastoral care, discipleship and outreach.


From this definition, we can see that the "Harvest" is not the class, but the members themselves.


From this definition also, we can see the reasons why the Lord gave this answer to the Elders.


Reasons for the Harvest:

  1. Bible Study - studying and knowing God's word is not enough. We must live God's word. In Harvest, we have programs where we study God's Word, and also see and experience Him in our lives.
  2. Caring, Fellowship / Developing Relationships - In Harvest We have a system of caring for each other. We learn to live a communal life, loving, caring, supporting and encouraging one another. In other words, we learn to treat each other as true brothers and sisters.
  3. Pastoral Care - In Harvest, we also have a system of caring for our members, such that the needs of every member is attended to. Pastoring have been delegated to the Pastoral Team Leaders, who make themselves available to their members 24 hours a day.
  4. Discipleship or Ministry Training - Harvest members are encouraged to participate in the different service group of the Harvest, such as Music, Host, Intercessory, Social and Special Events and the Administrative Support Group. They are also encouraged to train in the different ministries of The Lord's Flock to prepare them to service.
  5. Outreach - "Faith without action is dead" Harvest members are encouraged to join outreaches to institutions like hospitals, orphanages, homes for the aged, prisons and others to minister to lesser fortunate brothers and sisters, in obedience to what Jesus said, "Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do it to me."


The mission of the Harvest Program is therefore, to foster continuous spiritual growth of the members to become faithful workers of Christ.






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