Youth Online Topic via Zoom

June 07, 2020

The whole world has been experiencing a drastic change since the pandemic happened. The fast-paced life everyone was used to felt like it suddenly paused, but nothing can stop God’s work. The Lord’s Flock Community believed that the ongoing pandemic will never be a hindrance to Service, Evangelization, and spreading the Love of the Lord.


Since mass gatherings are now prohibited, TLF Community went online. Aside from the weekly online Praise and Worship, the community offers plenty of other activities to everyone. And just recently (June 7, 2020), the youth had their first NEWGEN Online Topic.


With the use of an application (Zoom), young people of the community gathered to praise and worship God. Afterward, they had an icebreaker by playing a simple game and heard a wonderful talk entitled ‘From Rejected to Accepted’ given by Bro. Al Flores. The talk reminded everyone of God’s unconditional love and mercy. As the youth proceeded to the breakout rooms for sharing, they realized a lot of things from answering a few questions given to them.


“Some people feel unworthy of God’s love and forgiveness because of their mistakes and sins. This kind of feeling or thought may make sense, but we must not think that way. We may be sinful, but instead of just feeling guilty and keeping distance from God because of it, we rather ought to keep ourselves closer to Him and make ourselves deserving,” shared by one of the attendees. “Just as what Bro. Al discussed earlier, a person gets pressured and frustrated because of their surroundings; but we must not depend on how other people think of us or on whatever they tell us.”


The experience with the Online Topic was refreshing. Many wanted to go somewhere with their friends, and the gathering became a way to hang-out with people. Some were shy to show themselves on the camera or to share their reflections, but everyone enjoyed and learned a lot.


During these trying times, people long for consolation and peace. Every day has something to offer us, and the world would keep on giving us negative thoughts. But the Lord is reminding everyone that He is a loving God who keeps His promises and neglects no one. The topic helped on relaying His message to everyone. And the gathering became a way to share positivity and Faith.



Mycah Faro
New Generation



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