Women’s Conference

September 13, 2020

“I Stand” Women’s Conference
A Lord’s Flock Community Activity
September 13, 2020


The Women’s Conference – “I Stand” was a tremendous success. The overwhelming feedback from attendees proved that the 2 ½ hour event was so interesting that they had to stay tuned until the end of the program. More than 900 women from USA, Canada, Spain, UAE, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong and Philippines represented different sectors, status and roles. These women of faith gathered to inspire each other to stand strong amid their trials, with God on their side.


In her opening remarks, Sis. Grace Lomarda, one of the advisers of the Executive Council, pointed out the importance of women as the cradle of our civilization. She was able to draw attention to the conference objective which was to stand firmly in our correct spiritual value handed down to us by God.


We received testimonies that the conference served as a fueling event, where the participants drew the faith virus from Sis. Techie “Soar” Rodriguez, The Lord’s Flock Founder, Elder and Vision-Holder, during her Keynote – “I stand in FAITH.” For more than 30 years, Soar has been spreading her “faith virus” by declaring her stand as God’s messenger, a miracle ground, a living witness for Jesus, a woman of faith.


We express our gratitude to Sis. PY de Guzman, Elim Administrative Council, Elim Communities, for imparting God’s message about women as preservers of faith (Mark 9:49-59).


We thank the victorious women who fearlessly shared their stories: Mea Dee who stood for change; Jojo Flancia who stood for love; Shiela Cruz who stood for peace; Monina Letargo who stood for courage , and Lulu Perele who stood for forgiveness.


Our deepest appreciation to Sis. Mik Flores, our Executive Head Servant, who conceptualized Women’s Conference – “I stand.” Through her creativity, she promptly created promotional materials to the Communications Group and made noise over social media platforms. The production team valued her inputs to the program flow.


“I Stand” definitely made an emotional impact on the women who attended, as evidenced by their testimonies:

“I am moved by the courage of the women who boldly stood up for what they believed in, while championing the faith. Women are naturally resilient, tough, passionate and loving. And when they have unshakeable faith in God, they become women power personified. God bless everyone who made this event a reality”. – Jane Boholano, Pastor Single

“The conference was very empowering. The program was well thought of and organized. The program started on time and the audience’s attention was captured with the help of the ice-breakers. Every assigned speaker/sharer was able to represent every virtue a woman should stand for: Faith, Change, Strength, Courage, Love, Peace and Forgiveness. Overall, the conference was able to achieve its objective to inspire and empower women. God Bless”. – Lean Villamor, Guest from Singapore

“Yung akala kong ako lang nag-struggle, yun pala marami kayo. And it’s normal lang pala na madapa basta bumangon ulit like the sharers.” Kathrina Ruiz Adorador, Pastor Single

“Hindi natatapos ang mga struggles sa buhay natin, Pero as long as we keep on holding to God, trust and never loose faith in him, makakalagpas tayo, even how hard it is Basta nakakapit lang tayo sa kanya, kaya.” – Claire Tomeldan, After Work

“Ang ganda! Iba talaga pag babae. Iba’t-ibang struggles pero hindi naging hindrance para tumayo at matuto sa mga mistakes nila to face life again. Hindi sila bumitaw to trust God kahit napakasakit. Grabe yung mga sharers,

Tahasan! Hihi true na nakaka-empower ang makinig ng ganun kaya thank you ulit sa uulitin. Kung kaya nila, kaya rin natin” – RM Valdez, After Work


To all the women who participated in this conference, always remember: “I stand for change, when I am wrong; I stand for forgiveness when hurt; I stand for courage when faced with uncertainties; I stand for peace when things are out of control. All of these I can stand with God on my side. Indeed, I can stand firm during my life challenges because I am a woman of faith”.


To God be the glory!



By: Sis Gina Duran (Evangelize Ministry)