SYFOF19 – A Name Like No Other

June 29, 2019

Singles and Youth Faith On Fire ’19: A Name Like No Other

June 28, 2019 — Thank God it’s Friday! And it was more than just a celebration for on that very same day, we had a big event called SYFOF ’19 with the theme: ‘A Name Like No Other.’


The day started with me waking up with mixed emotions. I was feeling a bit nervous, thrilled, but so excited. As one of the workers for the said event, I could not really stop my heart from getting too hyped about it. The fact that I am serving the Lord is such a great thing, and to serve Him as one of the worship leads and sharers is such a huge privilege. My sister and I started getting all the stuff we packed the night before, then we went off to the venue—New Frontier Theater—as our dad accompanied us.


It was a rainy morning. Along with the raindrops were my prayers for the weather to be at its finest for everyone to come and arrive safely at the venue, and then I prayed for myself to be calm.


As I prayed, the Lord told me something so consoling that truly gave my heart such warmth. In Jer. 7 He said, “Stand at the gate of the Lord’s house, and there proclaim this message: Hear the Lord’s Word, all you of Judah who enter these gates to worship the Lord!” It came to me as an anointing. It was as if God just told me to go and do what I must do. It was an assurance that He is just there to support me and that nothing bad will happen for He is in control. I was in tears while on board the car.


Arriving at the venue, we found out that we just made it on time. I felt so much blessed by then for I saw how He made a way for us to serve Him well. We had all the preparations for the first day of SYFOF ’19. All the workers were gathered to pray for everything and for everyone, and then all the performers proceeded to make quick rehearsals and arranged our blockings on the stage. When it was almost time to officially start the event, and seeing the people who spent their time and efforts to attend, I was getting more thrilled. I could not help but get teary as I saw how great He is and how He amazingly entrusts things with someone like me.


It finally started and I honestly did not feel nervous. I only felt joy and lightness. During the rehearsals, I never saw myself act so hyped. Yet, on the actual performance, I was smiling so bright and jumping like a kid as if there is no tomorrow. I thought that it was the best moment that I ever had in my life. I know for sure that I gave my all. I sang joyfully, danced a bit even when I never actually do, I did everything that I never thought I would —and it all felt so great that the Lord made me do something new. It is definitely a blessing to be molded by Him and at the same time, inspire many people.


The whole thing happened and it was successful. Though the event had some technical flaws, still it is His grace that overwhelmed everyone for we have witnessed a bunch of miracles in just a day. We saw how the praise and worship truly reached the hearts of so many. We saw how everyone surrendered themselves to God as they raised their hands and sang Him worship songs. We saw them sing their all for the joy that they felt, and we saw their hearts glow as they all sang the songs with conviction.


Personally, I cannot find another term but it was just so overwhelming. I cannot forget the face of a girl crying while her hand is raised up high. I may not know what was going on in her mind, but I felt the grace of God within her. There were many unexpected things that happened that night, and I just felt so blessed for everything. When it was the sharing part, I was crying. I was assigned to share my story for the following day with a bigger crowd. I cried not just because I was a bit nervous, but also because I remembered what He told me that morning. I felt so much privileged to be chosen as one of His workers. And the fact that I am being used by Him as one of His broken vessels is something that I am truly grateful for.


At the end of the program, we all got—undeniably—physically exhausted. But it was true enough that the joy of the Lord is our strength. The audiences were still so hyped and on-the-go for more that it reached the point where they were the ones who sang songs of praise even when the worship team was already off the stage. We ended up playing more for them. And yes, it was tiring—but not really. It was all for the Lord. And having witnessed those people that we were actually trying to reach out became wild because of their love for God, was more than a cure to a body pain.


The day started and ended with such graceful blessings. And yet, another day started for a bigger work for the Lord. It was the 29th day of June 2019—second day of SYFOF ’19—where we were all gathered in the big dome of Smart Araneta Coliseum. I honestly woke up with a hangover from last night’s party for the Lord. But I knew that I needed to shrug off the ‘I-just-want-to-rest-more-for-today’ mood I was having. The moment I stepped in the place, I got so excited. I started to roam around while I tag along with a friend. We just watched the others set-up the stage and do their blockings, and later on I thought of going to the prayer room to soak myself in prayers and to really be put in the state of grace.


Before entering the room, I already saw lots of intercessors inside. Never have I thought about what it will make of me, but something unexpected happened just a moment later. As I went in, I saw the Blessed Sacrament exposed. The intercessors were praying loud as if they were storming the heavens above. I was so touched, it really reached my heart. Then I prayed to God. I told Him, “Lord, you know what I need even if I cannot identify what it is exactly and how I actually feel right now. Please calm my heart and give me a peaceful mind. And may all that I need, especially right now, be provided.” Right after, the intercessors started singing songs of praise. They were joyful songs (entitled Counting on God and Not Ashamed), yet I found myself weeping. I was so overwhelmed. It was the Lord speaking to me. He told me,


“Count on me, dear. I will give you strength. Stand there before My people and speak of Me. The power of My love will run through your heart, and there will be nothing to be ashamed of. I will be with you.”


Even by the time I was out of the prayer room, I was still crying. I realized, after quite a long time the Lord spoke to me once again. And it was something that I will not be able to forget for it brought me comfort and I felt so much of His love.


Before the time for me to go up on stage and share to everyone my story in a creative way, I got a bit worried. We had a few rehearsals and I struggled. I kept on forgetting my lines, stuttering, and I was being distracted. Time passed by and I decided to stay put myself at the side of the stage and keep on praying as I wait for the sharers’ turn.


“I’ve been searching for answers
And I’ve been hiding my shame
But there is nothing I’ve found
But to put all my trust in your ways”


That was the song that the leads were singing before our turn. And while we were standing by, I sang it by heart and it really helped me a lot. It served as my last prayer before I went up on stage. I was the third one to speak, and as I wait for my turn I just kept on praying. The Lord has blessed me with a great miracle by then. While I was delivering that simple poem of my story, I did not feel nervous. I felt the presence of the Lord. I was able to deliver it the best way. I did not know how it was but I was told that many were so touched and that they saw the glow in my face at the end when I started declaring that God is my Savior. The moment we went off the stage, I was left astounded. It was really warm and cozy all of a sudden. It was as if someone was giving me a tight hug, and I think it was the Lord embracing me to let me know that, “I knew you could do it. Great job!”


There were a lot of things that happened afterward. Everyone was jumping from the patron seats up to the general admissions, joyful as we all praise His Name like no other; just as everyone acclaimed when Head Servant Sis. Mik Flores led us with the words: “There is no other Name that carries debt. There is no other Name that carries love. And that is the Name of Jesus!” Many were left in tears as the songs of worship were sung by heart. Many have raised their hands up high in surrender and commitment. And one of the best moments that we all ever had in our lives was the silence we had with the Lord as His Blessed Sacrament was exposed. I heard many wept just as I did. Truly, He spoke to us all and that was a moment that our hearts will surely treasure forever.


With all that happened within the two days of this Lord’s Flock big event we had to experience, God was with us all throughout. He showed us lots of miracles. He let us shine to let more people shine. I was made bold to speak of how He moved in my life. He made use of us to be the living witnesses of His grace as we listened to our beloved Elder-Founder Sis. Techie Rodriguez, who started the big event with her touching and meaningful welcome prayer and the Flores Family where we saw Caleb play the drums, Erin as one of the worship leaders, and Head Servant Sis. Mik was the main speaker for the event. Many have witnessed the wonders of His Name that is no other. And He really did make all these things happen for the youth to continue living their lives as truly Beloved, Gifted, and Empowered.


All glory to our Mighty God!



Sis. Mycah Faro

Scribes Ministry & New Generation




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