SYFOF Muntinlupa – Fire Starter

August 26, 2019

Last August 26, 2019, we had a SYFOF Conference with the theme “FIRE STARTER” at Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal National Shrine Parish (OLMMNSP). Before everything else, the morning was filled with excitement as the workers started to arrive at The Lord’s Flock (TLF) Heritage to wait for each one’s ride going to the said venue. Before leaving, all the workers have gathered at the Heritage basement area to pray and ask for guidance, protection, and wellness of everything that was about to be done for the day. It was a powerful prayer led by Bro. Kent Galido, one of the Head Stewards of New Generation.


As soon as the workers arrived at the venue, people started to set things up. Just like in the previous conferences in NFT, Smart Araneta Coliseum, and Bulacan, performers did their blockings, sound checks, and other arrangements onstage. Later on, all the workers were in a big circle for the prayer of empowerment. Then again, it was a heartfelt prayer that truly empowered each one of them.


It was noon time when participants of the event started coming. 13 Parishes came to witness and participate in praising and worshipping the Lord through songs and dances led by The Lord’s Flock New Generation Ministry’s Worship Team and Koros. Everyone prepared for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist celebrated by Rev. Fr. Rolly Agustin, Vicar Forane of Our Lady of the Abandoned Muntinlupa City. The whole Mass celebration was such a spiritual refreshment for everyone. We are beloved, gifted and empowered. We can be the light of the world.


As the Holy Mass ended, the Moderators Sis. Angel Angeles and Bro. Kent Galido welcomed everyone. Eventually, the pre-program happened where games were done. It was a way to warm people up. Many enjoyed the segment and were probably fueled for more of the event.  We became friends to other youths and were able to evangelize them.


Soon enough, the program officially started. It was a sight to see all the young people get so hyped and wild because of their excitement and how extremely they wanted to glorify the Lord. Everyone danced, sang, jumped, and even shouted just out of their love for God; and it was overwhelming to see them raise their hands as if they were reaching the heavens above. Surely, it was a great experience. The event was participated in by the youth and singles from OLMMNSP.


God is so amazing to be able to mold people into faithful ones. They performed all the service tasks with joyful and faithful hearts. I could assure that all the representatives from Parishes had a great experience. They encountered God in different ways, just as how the Lord reached out to each one of these young people. Everyone had witnessed how God is everything and how He moves in their lives. We heard the “fire extinguishers” they shared about the problems, social media, peers, busyness. They emphasized that God is always there for us. He is our Savior, our Healer, our Protector, our everything. It was eye-opening to hear the words telling everyone that regardless of what we do wrong, and despite forgetting and doubting what God can do for us, even we are busy and do sins, He still loves us so much and He will do everything to bring us back to Him and save us.


SYFOF ’19 MUNTINLUPA “FIRE STARTER” was another success. Young people experience God this year as they witness all His Graces and mighty deeds with our SYFOF conferences. Indeed we are beloved, gifted and empowered. All glory and praises to our God.


Angel Lou Reyes

New Generation



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