Retreat 2017

January 07, 2017

The Lord’s Flock Leaders’ Retreat last January 7-8, 2017, held at the Lord’s Flock Heritage Sanctuary, started with a colorful and vibrant praise and worship. Bro. Froilan Hong, Head Servant, then presented the Ground Rules followed by the Backgrounder, informing the assembly about the successes of the community over the years.


Before the video presentation about vision was played, an ice breaker that involved leaders doing the banana dance broke the ice pretty well.


Sis. Techie Rodriguez, Head Servant, shared about Topic 1: Casting and Catching the Vision. She defined vision as a clear picture of what God wants entrusted to a chosen vessel. She imparted that apart from the vision, we will all perish. New hope, increased passion, and renewed vision are the things that the community of God needs today. And, the Lord wants us to consider every person we meet as our mission field.


A video presentation then compared successful people to unsuccessful people. It showed that focused people reach their goals and are successful and those who are easily distracted are unsuccessful.


A video of Sis. Mik Rodriguez-Flores, Head Servant, giving Topic 2: Redefining and Redirecting Your Personal Vision was then played. She shared with the assembly that unless the Lord redirects our personal vision, we will never win. So, we must believe, embrace, accept, own, and live God’s vision for our lives.


Bro. Al Flores, Head Steward, shared about his struggles when his personal vision was not yet redirected. At that time, Sis. Mik saw God’s vision and since he did not, they fought. As time went by, he saw the vision also. Now he is passionately serving the Lord as one of the leaders of the New Generation.


Bro. Bobby Rodriguez, Head Servant, then gave Topic 3: Redefining the Ten Core Values. He reiterated the beauty of the ten core values; and, imparted that it is similar to the greatest commandment: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and to love your neighbor as yourself.” Shortly after the talk, Bro. Froilan led a workshop about it.


Sis. Techie returned on stage for Topic 4: Vision/Dream Killers. She shared that visions may be killed and we must not remain ignorant of the devices of Satan lest he outwits us (2 Cor. 2:11). Also, we must be aware of the following possible dream killers: 1. Your family; 2. Your friends and close associates; 3. Your boss/work, your business, and those in authority over you; 4. Doubt; 5. Not risk taker; 6. Disappointment; 7. Fear; 8. Failures; 9. Unsolved problems; 10. Your frustrations; 11. Your fatigue; 12. No goal; 13. Negativity; 14. Sloth/turtle; 15. Priorities; 16. Planned neglect; and, 17. No team work.


Sis. Techie then proceeded with Topic 5: Redirecting Your Vision. She discussed that in terms of vision, there are three types of churches: 1. The Rearview Mirror Church; 2. The Maintenance Mode Church; and, 3. The Visionary Church. Lord’s Flock is a visionary church for, unlike the rearview mirror church and the maintenance mode church, we have the courage to do what other think cannot be done.


After dinner, the annual performance night began. The leaders showcased their God-given talents by making a five-minute modern reenactment of their group’s respective bible verses.


The second day of the retreat began with another round praise and worship, an ice breaker, and a recap of the things that were learned the day before.


Topic 6: Redirecting Your Vision and Evangelization was given by Sis. Techie Rodriguez. She discussed the three components of the Great Commission: 1. Evangelizing, 2. Incorporate, and, 3. Discipleship. She also shared Four Action Steps to Stay Focused on the Vision: 1. Admit that your evangelistic value has slipped; 2. Stay spiritually authentic; 3. Pray for opportunities; and, 4. Follow God’s promptings.


Sis. Techie then proceeded to Topic 7: Defining Discipleship. She shared that a disciple’s commitment to God must be his greatest commitment; and that a disciple must be willing to be discipled. This was followed by another workshop given by Bro. Froilan.


In the afternoon, Bro. Al and Sis. Mik Flores presented the current state of the community. They explained why it was time for cool changes. The Head Servants then explained the new organizational structure and the changes that were going to be implemented this year. A dialogue followed this session.


After the dialogue, pictures of the Head Servants, Executive Committee, and 2017 leaders were taken per ministry. The photo session was followed by a powerful and solemn anointing of all the retreatants.


Msgr. Jesus Norriel Bandojo then celebrated the Holy Mass. During the mass, Msgr. Bandojo washed the feet of the Head Servants of the community. All the leaders of the community then washed the feet of the leaders under them. After the mass, Msgr. Bandojo blessed the 2017 Three Hundred Pillars and many of the retreatants were touched by God to help build the Heritage by being part of the 2017 Three Hundred Pillars.


The leaders did a joyous Jericho march, broke down strongholds, and claimed victory over all trials. With great empowerment and with their vision redefined and redirected, the leaders marched out of the Heritage ready and passionate to be enablers of the changes this 2017.