Prayer Conference 2019: A Passion For His Presence

September 22, 2019

Ephesians 6:18, NIV: “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.”


A total of 526 attendees gathered at The Lord’s Flock (TLF) Sanctuary on the 22nd of September for the Prayer Conference 2019 themed, “A Passion for His Presence”. TLF workers started the day with a prayer for the success of the event, followed by Praise & Worship, and Bible Enthronement.


TLF Founder/Elder Sis. Techie Rodriguez, and Head Servant Bro. Froilan Hong were the keynote speakers of the conference. They both presented teachings necessary to live a life of prayer.


Sis. Techie emphasized the importance of having a prayer time – an appointment with God. Rather than find time, MAKE time! Seek God and wait for His direction. We need the Lord, and there is power in prayer. God is pursuing us to have a relationship with Him, develop the passion to be in His presence through prayer. Our intimacy with the Lord increases through prayers. It pleases God when we communicate with Him and remove all distractions to recognize His voice.


Today, it is easy to lose focus and get distracted. We may tend to forego praying as we are too busy about anything. The night before the conference, I watched a series where two lady detectives were talking about faith/prayer, the other an unbeliever. The believer said, sometimes life is hard even with it (prayer) how much more without. Indeed, we need communion with God through prayer.


The attendees were either recording the event or taking down notes, paying attention to the speakers. I guess everyone wants to have a life of prayer.


How do we pray God’s way?


Moses led the Israelites and wandered in the wilderness for 40 years, but he died before reaching the Promise Land. Our wilderness period will stay unless we see ourselves dead to sin. We have to die to become new, alive in union with Christ (Romans 6). If we are ready to leave our wilderness, then we are ready to do it God’s way.


After the break, Sis. Techie talked about No Prayer, No Power and The Power of Praise. Jesus showed the disciples the example of a prayerful life. During His agony, before He was betrayed, He prayed, and an angel appeared to give Him strength (Luke 22: 39-46). In choosing the replacement of Judas, the disciples prayed (Acts 1:24-25). The Bible says, as long as Moses’ hands were raised, they were winning (Exodus 17:11). Devote your time in praying, and when you pray, the glory of God goes with you.


Bro. Froilan talked about the Mantle of Intercession. He explained the difference between prayer warriors (pray for a specific activity, once done, they are released from their duty), and intercessors (gap standers storm the heavens with prayers until the result was manifested). In the Bible, several biblical characters became gap standers. A model gap stander is Abraham who stood in the gap between God and Sodom & Gomorrah when a breach was made by the latter because of their sins.  Another example is Moses, who stood between God and Israel’s apostasy.  Bro. Froilan also stressed that intercession is a call to prayer, humility and repentance (2 Chronicles 7:14).  He also discussed that intercessors have the ability to build spiritual walls and hedges around a community or a group of people, protecting them from satanic attacks.


Jesus is the greatest intercessor of humanity.


Sis. Norma Ramos led the intercessory prayer and prayer of breaking the generational curse.


A workshop was done with a group of ten. Everyone had their prayer requests written on a paper. It was passed around until all ten members prayed over the requests. After the intercessory prayer, the requests were collected by TLF Intercessory Ministry members.


The conference was concluded with the highest form of prayer, the Holy Mass, celebrated by Rev. Fr. Jojo Letada, SVD. In his homily, he mentioned that a man and woman of prayer is just, truthful, and prudent.


Prayer is the lungs of the soul, without it, our spiritual life is dead.


Let us continue, therefore, to nurture our communion with God. Pray!



Yvonne J. Gaviola

Scribes Ministry





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