Men’s Conference 2020 (From the eyes of a youth)

November 29, 2020




By Bro. Jerald Tristan Doma (New Generation)


              Last Sunday, November 28, 2020, The Lord’s Flock held another global event: the Men’s Conference  “Fight.” Men, especially young ones like me, ought to know what we are fighting for. However, with the many challenges thrown at us every day, we get overwhelmed and confused. This is what the conference is all about: providing strategies in winning battles in life that matter the most.

              Hundreds of men from all over the world assembled battle-ready in the virtual event. This was demonstrated right away as the participants blitzed the chatbox in the quiz bee-like ice breaker. It was then succeeded by the Praise and Worship led by an all-men team, which provided further empowerment with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

              The conference was opened by Bro. Froilan Hong, who highlighted that battles are fought not just in the ring. We actually face them every day, in different forms, often hitting us from different directions simultaneously. This is truer today since the year 2020 featured unforeseen events that have generated a myriad of problems. We are suddenly brought down to our knees, totally worn out and gasping for life. Yet, Bro. Froi pointed out what to expect: learning from battle-tested men how to win these fights.

              The first speaker was our Elder in the community, “Tatay” Bobby Rodriguez. He shared what every warrior – each one of us – needs to know. He emphasized that to win our battles in life, we need to prepare as warriors do: identify the enemy and be equipped with a complete set of armors and weapons. Fortunately, God has laid out all these pieces of information in the Bible, which Tatay Bob discussed. Afterward, he shared his life-changing testimony, which never ceases to amaze no matter how many times I have heard it. His story provided a real-life example of a soldier of Christ who attained victory over countless seemingly impossible situations through God’s grace.

              One of my favorite aspects in this conference was that it was collaborative. The audience had the chance to ask questions to Tatay Bob after his talk, which he cheerfully entertained. The attendees had even more opportunities to participate in the break-out sessions, wherein the participants were broken down into smaller groups to discuss and ask questions from each other. Each break-out session had its own facilitators and sharers with their inspiring stories of victory.

              The insights from other participants provided new perspectives on the topics, further enriching the knowledge of everyone. Watching men engage sincerely in profound discussions without the influence of alcohol was truly a fresh sight. Suddenly, seemingly proud men became vulnerable, voicing out their doubts, insecurities, and hardships. Others offered encouragement and tips gained from years of hard testings and meaningful experiences. I really learned a lot from the break-out sessions.

              As the participants returned to the main session, Bro. Derick Santiago delivered a talk challenging the standards of what a real man is. He pointed out that “manliness” is measured by how well one manages the responsibilities God has handed down to him. He then proceeded to share how he himself was tested on how “manly” he was, and how he came out victorious not with his own strength but through God’s.

              We often get battered as life confronts us with innumerable obstacles. Yet, the three-hour conference reminded us that we can be knocked down, but not knocked out. We still have a lot of fight within us. We still have one more round. So let us suit up, brush off our bruises, and fight the good fight of faith.

              To God be the glory!