Joy In Our Vows

February 17, 2019

Joy in our Vows

Renewal of Marriage Vows



Love was in the air at the Lord’s Flock Heritage last Sunday, 17th of February. It was the Annual Renewal of Marriage Vows, ably organized by CANA (Couples Annointed to Nurture one Another). The Sanctuary was all decked out with large pink paper flowers adorning the pews and posters lining up the center aisle with verses about love. One of of which was “Love is …patient and kind, does not envy and boast, always protects and perseveres” (1 Cor 13:4).


The ceremony commenced before the mass when couples who walked the aisle entered the Sanctuary. Father Joseph Matitu who officiated the mass highlighted the symbolism of the 70 couples who registered; it was a significant number because Jesus also had 70 disciples. Fr. Joseph added that they were also Disciples of Christ by way of spreading the word of God. 


The ceremony re-enacted the lighting of the candles by Bro Benjie and Sis Vivian Rogel, while the marriage vows were led Bro Dan and Sis Joy Dantes.  Fr Matitu blessed the rings, as the 53 couples present renewed their promise to love and honor each other.  As the mass ended, the husbands kissed their wives, and indeed proved that there is forever among the Lord’s Flock families.


A short program followed the mass facilitated by Sis Nympha Casambros.  Couples who had been married for more than 20 and 30 years shared their life testimonies: Bro Ronald and Sis Elvie Tapia, Bro Keith and Sis Jen Malhabour, Bro Jon and Sis Lisa Angeles, and Bro Dante and Sis Ampy de Lemos.  They praised and thanked the Lord and the community for keeping their marriage strong amidst the trials and challenges through the years. They stressed how important it was to have God in the center of the family; to have open communication; to be caring and understanding of one another. Moreover, they have realized that the keys to a loving and enduring married life are honesty, faithfulness, humility and forgiveness.   


To make the ceremony more exciting, there were raffle prizes donated by the Bro Raymund and Sis Peachy Nobleza (Gift Certificates for Pizza Hut/Taco Bell/Dairy Queen) and Bro Jon and Sis Lisa Angeles (Couple Jackets).


Organizers Bro Benjie Rogel and Sis Milan Cornejo ended the program by thanking the other sponsors that made this year’s “Joy in our Vows” successful: the Casono and Advincula couples were mass offerors; the flowers, flyers, event design were funded by contributions from the Net peeps, Rose Libres Merencillo, Nympha Casambros, Nol Sioson and the following couples – Cornejo, Domagas, Duran, Flancia, Pancho, Rogel, Dantes, Despalo, Almendrala, Johnson, Malhabour, Ordonez, Santelices, Seranilla.



By: Sis Jo Advincula

Scribes Ministry Mentee


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