Joint Birthday Celebration of Tatay Bob and Sor

August 06, 2017

“My prayer is that you prepare the Lord’s Flock to be truly charismatic, missionary, and evangelizers for we need everyone to bring Jesus to the world.” Msgr. Jesus Norriel Bandojo, one of the Spiritual Advisers of the Lord’s Flock, addressed the Elders, Bro. Bobby and Sis. Techie Rodriguez, at the end of his Homily, during the thanksgiving Mass for Sis. Techie’s 71 glamorous and Bro. Bobby 73 dashing years, on August 6, 2017. The community, led by Msgr. Bandojo, prayed over the Elders after the Mass.


The honoring of the Elders began with a graceful doxology and video greetings from family, friends, and various clergy, including Bishop Ted Bacani, Msgr. Jesus Norriel Bandojo, Fr. Jerry Orbos, and Fr. Titus Mananzan, that touched the hearts and brought smiles on the face of the Elders and all the assembly. The Elders were then showered with gifts given by their spiritual children, the members of the community.


The spiritual children sang-along and danced to a lively and colorful concert of The Boyfriends, courtesy of the Lord’s Flock Pastoral Ministry.


After dancing with their Elders, Bro. Bobby and Sis. Techie’s spiritual children, filled with elation, proceeded to the Lord’s Flock Events Place and enjoyed a sumptuous dinner with their beloved spiritual parents, who love them relentlessly.