Global Anointing Day

October 04, 2020



Sunday, 4th October marked another special day for all TLF members around the world. It was our 2nd Global Anointing Day for the year to receive special blessings as we renew our commitment to serve God and the community.


            Sis. Gina Duran of the Evangelize Ministry facilitated the event. She was so excited in welcoming the smiling  participants  from TLF chapters around the world . She was amazed that what used to be a local gathering in the Heritage Center in Quezon City has now expanded globally.


            Sis. Mikaela Rodriguez-Flores, TLF Executive Head Servant, led the praise and worship along with our PSALM Ministry, inviting the assembly to connect and call upon the powerful name of Jesus to be in the midst of this very important day.


            Bro. Bobby Rodriguez, with a smile on his face and joy in his heart, officially opened the 2nd Global Anointing Day. He greeted everyone and offered a prayer of thanksgiving despite the global and local challenges. Indeed, God’s plan prevailed.  As the video recounted the Anointing in the Heritage before the pandemic, some members who missed the Sanctuary shed tears of longing and reminisced those days in the assembly.   Nonetheless, Zoom online application has enabled members to be connected, both here and abroad.


            Thereafter, each Ministry Head reported on their various activities and plans.  Senior Head Servant Bro. Froilan Hong started with his witty greeting to every “zoom-bahayan,” which put a smile on everyone’s faces.  He enumerated the updates from the Executive Office, the Financial Report, and the Heritage Construction, and the “300 Pillars” status. Next, Bro. Kent Galido from the Communications Group demonstrated the new ways for members to be connected online. Lastly, the Heads of the Five-Fold Ministries shared their respective reports: EVANGELIZE- Bro Jess Medallo; PASTOR- Sis Lea Tapispisan; EQUIP – Bro Raymund Nobleza; SERVE – Bro Allan Almendrala; and SEND – Sis Janice Atienza and Bro Derick Santiago.


            The highlight of the day was the teaching of our Elder & Vision Holder, Sis Techie “Sor” Rodriguez. Trying to contain her tears, Sor joyfully thanked everyone who attended the Second Global Anointing Day.   She willingly shared the importance of prayer & anointing (Acts 1:8 & Isaiah 61:1):   1)  to consecrate for a purpose –  to serve God ;2)  to empower  in areas where God put us to work; 3) to pray without ceasing (Acts 5:38-40); 4) to obey, walk in the Spirit  and talk to God  so  the anointing remains in us; 5) to be used by God ; 6) to follow procedure which emanates from the head ( Ps 133:2).  Hence, prayer is essential in receiving the anointing because the power of the Holy Spirit consecrates & commissions the members   for church service.    .


            Sor also encouraged everyone to constantly support the live teachings of the community which have been carefully studied to nourish the members’ spiritual well-being. Moreover, she reminded the importance of being cheerful givers and assisting in the ongoing and future TLF projects. She emphasized that generosity from the heart is more important than the amount a person has given (Acts 20:35).  Then, she prayed over the tithes & love offerings of all the members and asked the Lord to bless everyone.


            She reiterated the importance of receiving the Kingly anointing through the Elders, to allow the oil of the Holy Spirit to flow through the members to refresh them.  This should be done   through praying, interacting (fellowship) and reading of the word of God.


            Subsequently, the anointing rites commenced, and the members were advised to be in prayerful mood.  She encouraged everyone to be in the attitude of worship, soaked in prayer and feel God’s presence, while worship songs set the tone. She invited everyone to ask for forgiveness from the Lord for all their shortcomings and failings. Then she called upon the Holy Spirit to fall afresh on each one. Then, the Elders, together with the TLF members, prayed a very powerful and moving one, “Release of The Holy Spirit.”


            The event ended on a vibrant and grace-filled mood. All the participants were renewed once again, and were equipped for the days ahead to serve God and to continue His mission to win more souls for Christ.




By Sis Meyh Contesa (UAE Chapter)